Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And....We Are Official

October 30, 2005.
I wake up to the lovely sound of my PeaceCorps cell phone at about 7am and find my dad on the other line. Good start to a pretty great day. After a 10am tour of the PeaceCorps office and getting completely lost in the big city, it was time. Time to attempt to put on a SARI. With the help of some awesome Bangladeshi women, my hotel roomie Rose and I were ready in our beautiful SARIs...and I couldn't walk. But alas, we boarded the bus and headed towards the United States Embassy for the official Swearing-In Ceremony. The ceremony was perfect. Short and to the point. After speeches by the Director of USAID, the United States Ambassador, and our Country Director, we were taking the PC Oath and feeling.....exactly the same. I am sure it will sink in very soon..the whole TWO years thing...and boy, am I ready.


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