Saturday, October 15, 2005

So, what happens if your supervisor doesn't speak a word of English?

TOmoRRow is the big day. The SupervisorS Conference in the big city of Dirty Dhaka. It is time to meet the dreaded Deputy Director that I will be working with for the next 24 months. This is not just a boss, this is a community-integration mechanism. PLEASE speak ENGLISH, Please speak ENGlish. Being as I cannot even buy a roll of much-needed toilet paper(yes, I know I should integrate better into the culture)in Bangla, I don't feel I am ready to discuss my "work-plan" in the Bengali language. But here goes nothing. Following up the big day in Dhaka, I am off to Barisal for a quick 3-day meet and greet with the new host-fam and a little touring of my new home(for the next 2...4...months). I am stoked, but also nervous as all heck. I still cannot believe I am here.


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