Monday, October 24, 2005

Language Proficiency Interview

Bombed it. I studied for hours last night and have improved 100% since the practice exam...i know i have. Yet, it boggles my mind that I could walk in...and freeze. I think I am looking at some major tutoring at site, and I feel I am the only one. Chatting with other trainess at the local cyber-cafe, it seems like everyone feels pretty darn good about their performance. Good for them:) So, we received the official Swear-In Invitations from the US Embassy, and I will admit I shed a tear. Embassy. Nice. So now that language class is shesh and my bangla is "officially" bad, I have so much free time on my hands. I have found myself reading every single profile of every single person on, and yes, racking up a 40tk bill with the cyber-cafe nut-cases. Although 40tk is less than a US $, it is A LOT here in the Desh. Off to a lunch of rice and probably fish-bones.