Monday, October 10, 2005

If we can dance in Burkas, does this mean we are ready for two full years of service?

Pre-service training is almost over and I feel that the majority of us here in Gazipur are ready. We have all realized that our Bangla is not improving, that we are indeed wearing the same three outfits day after day, and that yes, this food is bland. However, one thing that is for sure here in the Desh is that the Peace Corps trainees are pretty awesome. From a truck driver to an Alaskan construction worker, we have it all. Now, as we prepare to head out to our sites for 2 years, the anticipation grows and the days get longer...and longer. And with Ramadan currently in full-swing, those afternoon ice cream cravings are a bit harder to take care of. I am headed to Barisal, one of the BD's division capital cities. Surrounded by rivers, we are pretty much guaranteed some flooding, but this also means transportation by boat (which excites me!). Myself and two others will take on this Southern city after the Muslim holiday of Eid. November 6th. I will be rocking the Department of Youth Development with "whatever i feel like teaching....from sex-ed to line-dancing" classes...while Lauren and Brent (my chill site-mates) will take on the less-than-superior Bangladeshi school system as full-time english teachers. Overall, I am excited most about the ice-cream store in Barisal....and the fact that my new host-fam speaks superior english.


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