Sunday, October 23, 2005

Barisal, Taposh Kumar Basu, and CoffeeCha

Barisal. Endless coconut trees, incredible shopping opportunties, a rockin' new host family, and yes, a bike. Not only is everything perfect about my new home, but I get to buy a bike!!! Peace Corps reimburses!!! So, upon arrival in Barisal for a brief 3-day visit, I was greeted by a Bangladeshi woman that speaks a little too rapidly for my developing Bangla skills and a maid-servant with pigtails. They showed me around the "palace" and then to my room. So, my new digs...about twice the size of my room in Foresthill. Interesting. Oh, and the neighborhood is named after my host family. And the food is out-of-this-world. And i have the CUTEST little host-sis. And my brother's name is Dip. And my life is perfect. After settling in and dancing around my huge room, I was off to my DYD(like a school)to meet my supervisor(who does speak english!) and see what kind of people I will call my "colleagues" for the next dui bochhors. (Side-note: My supervisor's name is Taposh Kumar Basu or DD Sir...but when I am alone in my huge room, I call him "Toppy") My counterpart is the computer instructor and he introduced me to the place by serving me a steaming hot cup of coffee mixed with tea. Khub moja or very tasty for the Bangla-impaired. I get a bike! And back to the classroom is giant, they are providing me with a whiteboard(ha! most people get chalk!), and yes, the Refrigeration and Electronics teacher is a tiny woman named Polly. Ah, Bangladesh. Though she is a 3rd world desh, my site-mates and I, upon arriving back in Dirty Dhaka, had a nice rootbeer float at the typical BD restaurant, A&W. Pizza Hut is next door. So, there you have it. I am loving every second in this place and sometimes I have to pinch myself just to remind me that I am not at the Palm Theatre in San Luis. Life is good, the cousin is engaged, and yes, Ross Crabill still writes a darn good letter.


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